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My Coding History

At the age of 4 my father gave me my first computer. Nothing special, but for the things I would do it was more than enough. I still remember the many times I tried to imagine what it would be like to make a video game.

At a later stage I even tried to develop concepts on how a certain game mechanic was created by the developers. The game I always played was Rollercoaster Tycoon. I always got lost building my giant parks.

It really interested me how the developers managed to make a game with so many possibilities. But at that point I did not know anything about programming …

… I started learning programming in the 8th grade at school.
The first programming language I learned was Logo. Logo was developed by Daniel Bobrow in 1967. Its purpose lays in the understanding of how a programming language functions. It only contains 12 commands in total. They all command a turtle acting as a pen. You can tell the turtle to draw, go forward, turn 90 degrees and set the pen color. And that is about it.

Our tasks at school were really diverse. In the beginning we drew simple images with the turtle, but later I managed to program a fully functional traffic light. It was really satisfying to see the lights switching colors.
My teacher always commended me on how fast I was at learning basic programming.

I was really fascinated of programming, so I decided to learn newer an more complex programming languages …

… That was the point I really got into programming. I started learning to develop an application with Java in a VHS course (adult evening class).

From that Point onward I was fascinated what you are able to do with Java over the basic Logo programming language.

I began developing some basic applications like a calculator with some more advanced calculations like faculty and square root. Slowly but surely I started to understand how to think like a programmer…

… The upper classes at \”Gymnasium\” really kickstarted my programming knowledge. One of my A-Level Exams was in Informatics. The course told me many basics in Informatics.

That started my bigger private projects. I developed some apps for Assetto Corsa with python. This project was done with a partner, who designed the GUI.

Other bigger project were an Android App developed with Java at SMIMS, some server scripts, websites and a 2D Fighter called Midsummer Knights….

… Right now my programming knowledge got me a job at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA. There I have done some more programming with Excel, Java and Powershell.

There are many more things to come in the future. We will see where my programming will take me.

Maybe there is something big coming up….