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Web Design Portfolio

The birth of a website

During the last couple of years I learned, that designing a website is not always the easiest task.

The most difficult thing is communication. Often times websites are developed for your customer and not for yourself. That comes with a large amount of communication and creativity.

Customers often have no idea how a server, routing, DNS, color concepts, web-design or any other component of your job works. On the other hand, you have no idea on how the business is run, what the website should represent, what the values of the company are and all the other pieces you need to create a website that suits your customers’ needs. Here is where the challenge begins.


Lawyers Office

My first project in the legal industry was a website for Lawyer Andreas Lorenz (thats not me) from Cologne. He needed a new website, because his old website was a bit out of date style-wise. The goal was to create a new website with a stunning first impression to increase the contact rate. Reason being a new business field for the office in data security.

I tried to create a cool and modern style of website that keeps the authenticity of the original website while implementing web technologies like parallax scrolling, mobile optimization and dynamic tiles allocation.

The website can be found here.

Web Development
Web Development

Poster Online Shop

The small ecommerce Start-Up LovelyPrints asked me to create an online shop for them to sell posters targeted to woman at the age of 14 – 25. Therefore, the goal was to create a very feminim look and feel for the website featuring a lot of pink and white.

Overall this online shop had a very sleek look to it featuring a lot of very modern technology like asynchoronous scrolling of different elements. The Start-Up and I were very happy with the outcome of the website.

Tech Start-Up

This website was developed in conjunction with my work on the app for the Start-Up HeroVet from Latvia. It was a lot of fun to develop this website as I had a lot of freedom for creative idea.

This project was also my first mulitlingual website featuring a Latvian, English and German version. Also I think this is the most modern design of my portfolio and the Start-Up and I are very satisfied with the outcome of the website.

The website can be found here.

Web Development
Web Development


This website was created for a small local floristry shop located in Hürth, Germany named Casa Flora. Casa Flora already had a website created for them two years prior to our project, but they were not satisfied with their website.

My job was to cut unnecessary content from the website, implement a support for their mobile app, focus the content on their products and implement mobile view support. This were all missing features in their existing website.

The website can be found here.

Religious Institution

This project was the first project I solely made via online communication only. Actually it seemed to be a good thing and it helped with the end result.

The goal was to update an ancient website to a quite modern standard. As this site is in the Religion sector, the design is a lot more conservative and in line with other websites in this sector.

For me personally this project has been the best of all of them. Communication and organisation has been awesome and it worked very smooth.

The website can be found here.

Web Development
Web Development

Handy Online Shop

This was my first project involving an online shop. The job was to connect an existing Ebay and Amazon shop inventory with a new online shop. It was a quite difficult task, as the images, logos and colors provided did not match current standard.

This resultet in me having to change around a lot of their designs. In the end the customers were satisfied with their new online shop, which was then fully integrated into their distribution system.

The website can be found here.